Last Updated: 11 September 2014

Casualties and Victim Assistance


Casualties Overview

All known casualties by end 2013

11 mine/explosive remnants of war (ERW) casualties (2 killed; 9 injured)

Casualties in 2013

5 (2012: 0)

2013 casualties by outcome

0 killed; 5 injured (2012: 0)

2013 casualties by device type


In 2013, one mine incident was reported in Puerto Padre. The incident resulted in severe injuries to a 48-year-old man who was attempting to dismantle an ERW in his home and sell it for scrap. The explosion also injured two other adults and two children.[1] Between 1999 and the end of 2013, the Monitor identified a total of 11 mine casualties (two persons killed and nine injured) in Cuba.

Cuba has a free and universal healthcare system. The Cuban Association of Physically Disabled Persons (Asociación Cubana de Limitados Físico-Motores, ACLIFIM) has provided a support network for persons with physical disabilities.[2] As of March 2013, it represented some 74,000 members.[3]


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