Downloading a print version / Decompressing documents

To give you a better version to read on paper several of the documents on the ICBL website are available in RTF format. This format will open in most wordprocessors on both Mac and PC. The documents will be available also as a compressed archive to enable faster download. Here is a description on how to download and decompress if needed.

To download the .RTF files just click on the link with the filename you want and follow the instructions. Either you will open directly in your wordprocessor or you will save to disk and later open in wordprocessor.

If you choose the compressed version (.ZIP) you will need a decompression program. A program easy to use and available for download from internet as Shareware is WinZip. Go to to download the latest version.
After installing the program click on the .ZIP file you wish to download and save in a proper place or open directly to WinZip. Then extract to a proper place on your HD before opening in word processor.

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