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VANUATU, Landmine Monitor Report 2001
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Vanuatu signed the Mine Ban Treaty on 4 December 1997, but has not yet ratified. In March 2001, at the UN Asia-Pacific Regional Disarmament Conference in Wellington, the delegate from Vanuatu said that a Council Paper had been written to prepare the way for Vanuatu's ratification of the treaty, but more work needs to be done.[1] After the Council of Ministers has reviewed the paper, it will make a recommendation. The delegate was not sure if legislation was already drafted by the State Law Office, but said it will go to parliament for approval and then the Minister of Foreign Affairs for signature. He expected the treaty to be ratified in 2001, as there is “plenty of time, with four or five parliamentary sessions before the end of the year.” Vanuatu voted in support of UN General Assembly Resolution 55/33V in November 2000. The delegate said that Vanuatu has no stockpiled mines.[2] It is not believed to be mine-affected although there are still major dumps of military equipment left over from World War II.

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[1] Interview with Paul Sami, Head of Asia-Pacific Division, Department of Foreign Affairs of Vanuatu, Wellington, 27 March 2001.
[2] Ibid.