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About Us


Are you committed to working toward a world free of landmines and cluster munitions? Do you have strong research and communication skills? Are you passionate about making information on the landmines, cluster munitions, and explosive remnants of war (ERW) issues available publicly? If so, you may wish to apply for an opportunity with Landmine and Cluster Munition Monitor. We are a global network with opportunities to partner with us in many countries and areas.

Please check back for further opportunities or send us a request to subscribe to our email lists at monitor@icblcmc.org.

Editorial Team

The Editorial Team includes staff and consultants hired by the Monitoring and Research Committee member organizations and the ICBL-CMC.

Current postings:

  • No current vacancies (the Mine Action Research Consultancy application closed 8 May)


Landmine and Cluster Munition Monitor has a network of over 60 researchers who conduct desk and/or field research, most of whom are based in their country or area of research. Researchers must be from civil society; applications from individuals working for any government entity will not be accepted. Monitor researchers have included ICBL-CMC campaigners, journalists, academics and research institutions.

Researchers receive a small consultant fee (approximate range is US$250-$4,000) to conduct part-time research and writing from January--April of each year, and to be available from May-October to respond to requests during the editing process.

Current postings:

  • No current vacancies


Internships are available with the Landmine and Cluster Munition Monitor. All positions are unsalaried. We are currently seeking an intern to start immediately (May 2015) working remotely, or possibly in Washington DC (USA). See details (pdf), and for more information contact internships-monitor@icblcmc.orgpdf

  • no current vacancies