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Audio Visual » Videos

View the Monitor 2011 in Brief video

Get up-to-date in minutes—this short video condenses the Major Findings of Cluster Munition Monitor 2011 & Landmine Monitor 2011:

View the Landmine Monitor 2010 Release Video

Featuring Mark Hiznay of Human Rights Watch, the Final Editor of Landmine Monitor 2010, presenting findings from the report.

View the Cluster Munition Monitor 2010 Release Video

Featuring Paul Hannon, Executive Director of Mines Action Canada, the lead agency of the Landmine and Cluster Munition Monitor initiative, presenting findings from Cluster Munition Monitor 2010.

View the Landmine Monitor Report 2009 Major Findings Video:

View the Banning Cluster Munitions: Goverment Policy and Practice Video:

An audiovisual slideshow prepared by the Cluster Munition Coalition featuring Steve Goose, of Human Rights Watch, final editor of Banning Cluster Munitions: Government Policy and Practice and report editor Richard Moyes of Landmine Action: