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Full Report of Cluster Munition Monitor 2013

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Press release


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Cluster Munition Monitor 2013 released 4 Sep. –read it online at: www.the-monitor.org/cmm/2013 @banclusterbombs #Monitor2013

Govts speed their embrace of treaty to #banclusterbombs, Syrian use widely condemned - new report: http://bit.ly/CMM13prEN #Monitor2013

More than 110 states have condemned Syria’s cluster munition use, including dozens of states outside the convention: www.the-monitor.org/cmm/2013

Record-breaking stockpile destruction last year - 173,973 cluster munitions, 27 million submunitions #Monitor2013 http://bit.ly/CMM13prEN

Maj stockpilers to destroy #clusterbombs years ahead of deadline: #Denmark & #UK (2013), #Italy & #Sweden (2014), #Germany & #Japan (2015)

In 2012, Netherlands completed its stockpile destruction of 191,543 cluster munitions & 25.8 million submunitions: www.the-monitor.org/cmm/2013

As of 31 March 2013, the UK had destroyed 95% of all its stockpiled cluster munitions and 84% of its submunitions: www.the-monitor.org/cmm/2013

40 percent more land cleared of #clusterbombs in 2012 than in 2011. At least 59,171 unexploded submunitions destroyed. #MineMonitor2013

What’s almost 5 times the size of Geneva? Amount of land cleared of #clusterbombs in 2012. #MineMonitor2013 www.the-monitor.org/cmm/2013

#clusterbombs used in Syria, serious allegations of use in #Sudan and #Myanmar in 2012 and early 2013, new report: www.the-monitor.org/cmm/2013

In 2012, 190 #clustermunitions casualties identified (165 in Syria) - highest 1-year casualty total since the treaty entered into force.

Condemnation by >110 states of #Syra’s use of #clusterbombs “shows the stigma against cluster munitions is strong” @marywareham

With Iraq’s ratification in May 2013, nearly 3/4 of #clusterbombs victims now live in States Parties to ban treaty. www.the-monitor.org/cmm/2013

The vast majority of casualties from cluster munitions are still civilians ac. to new #Monitor2013 report: www.the-monitor.org/cmm/2013

Victims see measurable improvements in accessibility of services in many States Parties to Convention on Cluster Munitions. #Monitor2013

Treaty banning #clusterbombs includes 42 former users, producers, exporters, or stockpilers of the weapons: www.the-monitor.org/cmm/2013

US$70 million was spent on cluster munition-related activities in 2012, incl clearance and victims assistance. www.the-monitor.org/cmm/2013

Financial institutions in 17 States Parties & signatories have taken action to stop investment in cluster munitions www.the-monitor.org/cmm/2013

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