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Media Kit Archives » Banning Cluster Munitions: Government Policy and Practice » Interview Opportunities

Experts are available for in-person and telephone interviews. They are well-versed in report findings, have in-depth knowledge of the cluster munitions issue, and can provide interviews on the cluster munition situation globally and in specific countries.

Interviews can be arranged in the following languages: English, French, and Spanish. To request an interview please contact:

Geneva (GMT+1)

Mr. Stephen Goose Serving as Landmine Monitor’s Editor-in-Chief from 1999–2004 and the Executive Director of the Arms division at Human Rights Watch, Steve Goose also sits on the Landmine Monitor Editorial Board and co-chairs the Cluster Munition Coalition. He served as final editor for Banning Cluster Munitions. Language: English.

Mr. Richard Moyes Richard Moyes is Director of Policy and Research at Landmine Action, and is one of the co-chairs of the Cluster Munition Coalition. Moyes has produced and supervised research on the impact of cluster munitions, and represents Landmine Action as a member of the Landmine Monitor Editorial Board. Moyes edited Banning Cluster Munitions. Language: English.

Ms. Jacqueline Hansen Jacqueline Hansen worked on advocacy projects related to landmines from 1999–2004 before assuming the role of Landmine Monitor Program Manager in 2005. Languages: English, Spanish.

Ms. Katherine Harrison Katherine Harrison is a researcher with Landmine Action and since 2006 has actively followed the Oslo Process and negotiations of the Convention on Cluster Munitions, as well as the Convention on Certain Conventional Weapons meetings. Language: English.

Mr. Mark Hiznay Mark Hiznay is a senior researcher in the Arms Division at Human Rights Watch, where he works on all aspects of cluster munitions issue. He is an expert on the technical and policy aspects of cluster munitions. Language: English.

Mr. Thomas Nash Thomas Nash coordinates the Cluster Munition Coalition, the umbrella group for more than 300 civil society organizations working for a ban on cluster munitions. Languages: English, French, Spanish.

Ms. Mary Wareham Mary Wareham has served as senior advisor to the Human Rights Watch Arms Division since July 2008, leading Human Rights Watch’s campaign to convince governments to join the Convention on Cluster Munitions. Language: English.