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Media Kit Archives » Landmine Monitor 2010 Media Kit » Interview Opportunities

Key Landmine and Cluster Munition Monitor team members are available for in-person and telephone interviews. They are all well-versed in Landmine Monitor 2010 findings, have interesting personal stories, perspectives, and in-depth knowledge of landmine and explosive remnants of war issues. These individuals can provide interviews on the global landmine situation and specific countries.

Interviews can be arranged in English, French, and Dutch.

To request an interview please contact:

  • Ms. Amelie Chayer, ICBL Communications Officer, mobile +41-78-728-53-20 (23 November-3 December) and +33-6-89-55-12-81 email amelie@icbl.org
  • Ms. Jacqueline Hansen, Landmine and Cluster Munition Monitor Program Manager, mobile +41-78-606-94-68 (22 November-3 December) and +1-613-851-5436, email jackie@icbl.org

Geneva (GMT+1)

Mr. Stuart Casey-Maslen

Casey-Maslen works with Norwegian People’s Aid and coordinates the Monitor’s research on mine action. He also sits on the Monitor Editorial Board. Languages: English, French.

Mr. Stephen Goose

Serving as the Editor-in-Chief of the Landmine Monitor report from 1999-2004, the Monitor’s Ban Policy Editor, and Cluster Munition Monitor’s Final Editor, Goose is the Executive Director of the Arms division at Human Rights Watch. He also sits on the Monitor’s Editorial Board. Language: English.

Mr. Mark Hiznay

Hiznay is a senior researcher in the Arms Division at Human Rights Watch, where he works on all aspects of landmines and cluster munitions issues. He is an expert on the technical and policy aspects of these munitions. Language: English.

Ms. Jacqueline Hansen

Hansen served on ICBL staff until early 2005 when she became the Monitor’s Program Manager. Language: English.

Ms. Katleen Maes

Maes works with Handicap International and coordinates the Monitor’s research on casualties and victim assistance. Languages: English, French, Dutch.