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Press Releases » Monitor Launches Country Profiles Webpage

On 22 June, Landmine and Cluster Munition Monitor will launch its Country Profiles website at www.the-monitor.org, which includes dedicated webpages for every country in the world with information about landmines and cluster munitions.

Country Profiles will include summaries of developments in each country related to mine ban policy, cluster munition ban policy, mine action, casualties and victim assistance, and support for mine action. Country Profiles will focus on calendar year 2009, with key developments for 2010 added throughout the year. Profiles will include country maps and links to key resources. Readers can comments on reports online and can sign up to receive email updates every time reports for specific countries are updated.

Country Profiles replace the country reports in the Landmine Monitor Annual Report, which was published from 1999–2009. With their web-based format, Country Profiles will be easy to update throughout the year, providing readers with the most up to date information to support their work.

Approximately 80 Country Profiles will be online starting 22 June. All Country Profiles will be online by the end of August. Sign up online to receive an email notification when the Country Profiles you are most interested in are added to the website.

Please send any comments or questions about Country Profiles to monitor@icbl.org