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Central African Republic

Central African Republic

The Central African Republic signed the Convention on Cluster Munitions in Oslo on 3 December 2008. It has indicated to the CMC that ratification of the convention could be examined in the first or second trimester of its Parliamentary session.[1]

The Central African Republic has stated that it has never used, produced, stockpiled, or transferred cluster munitions and has not been affected by their use.[2]

The Central African Republic did not participate in any of the Oslo Process diplomatic conferences to develop the convention in 2007 or 2008, or the formal treaty negotiations in Dublin in May 2008. In September 2008, it attended the regional conference on cluster munitions in Kampala and announced its intention to sign the convention. The Central African Republic endorsed the Kampala Action Plan, which declared that states should sign and “take all necessary measures to ratify the convention as soon as possible.”[3]

Upon signing the convention in Oslo, the Central African Republic stated that it was committed to the struggle against cluster munitions and would spare no effort to ensure the ratification of the convention by its parliament at the earliest possible opportunity.[4]

The Central African Republic is not party to the Convention on Conventional Weapons.

[1] Email from Marion Libertucci, Advocacy Officer, Handicap International, 20 March 2009. The first and second trimesters apparently correspond to the first half of 2009.

[2] Statement of the Central African Republic, Convention on Cluster Munitions Signing Conference, Oslo, 4 December 2008. Notes by Landmine Action.

[3] CMC, “Report on the Kampala Conference on the Convention on Cluster Munitions,” 30 September 2008; and Kampala Action Plan, Kampala Conference, 30 September 2008.

[4] Statement by Antoine Gambi, Ministry of Defense, Signing Conference, Oslo, 4 December 2008. Notes by Landmine Action.