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The Republic of Nauru signed the Convention on Cluster Munitions in Oslo on 3 December 2008. The status of the ratification process is not known. Nauru is not believed to use, produce, or stockpile cluster munitions. Nauru is party to the Convention on Conventional Weapons, but has not ratified Protocol V on Explosive Remnants of War.

Nauru joined the Oslo Process in February 2008, when it participated in the Wellington Conference on Cluster Munitions. Nauru said it “does not have the capacity to be instrumental in the drafting” of the proposed convention, but “is committed to a total ban…to ensure that cluster munitions never, never appear in the beautiful Pacific.”[1]

Nauru’s Member of Parliament Aloysius Amwano signed the convention in Oslo, and said he did so in memory of all the civilians who have fallen casualty to cluster munitions.[2] Nauru described the signing conference as a “brave moment of Unity to achieve Peace and Harmony in Our world.”[3]

[1] Statement of Nauru, Wellington Conference on Cluster Munitions, 19 February 2008. Notes by CMC.

[2] Convention on Cluster Munitions Signing Conference, Oslo, 3 December 2008. Notes by the Aotearoa New Zealand Cluster Munition Coalition.

[3] Statement by Hon. Aloysius Amwano, Member of Parliament, Signing Conference, Oslo, 3 December 2008.