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The Sultanate of Oman has not signed the Convention on Cluster Munitions. Oman has not made any public statements regarding its cluster munition policy. It attended the Oslo Process international preparatory conferences in Vienna in December 2007 and Wellington in February 2008, and attended as an observer the formal negotiations in Dublin in May 2008. It did not make any interventions during these meetings.[1] It is not party to the Convention on Conventional Weapons.

Jane’s Information Group lists Oman as possessing BL-755 and Rockeye cluster bombs.[2] In addition, the United States announced the sale of 50 CBU-97/105 Sensor Fuzed Weapons to Oman in April 2002.[3]

[1] Oman did not endorse the Oslo Declaration pledging to conclude a new cluster munition treaty in 2008 or the Wellington Declaration committing to participate fully in the Dublin negotiations.

[2] Robert Hewson, ed., Jane’s Air-Launched Weapons, Issue 44 (Surrey, UK: Jane’s Information Group Limited, 2004), p. 843. The BL-755 is produced by the United Kingdom and the Rockeye by the US.

[3] US Defense Security Cooperation Agency news release, “Oman – F-16 Aircraft Munitions,” Transmittal No. 02-16, 10 April 2002. These cluster bombs are included in the convention’s definition of a cluster weapon.