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The Republic of Palau signed the Convention on Cluster Munitions in Oslo on 3 December 2008. In February 2009, an official said that ratification of the convention is on the priority list for Palau’s new Minister of State Sandra Pierantozzi.[1]

Palau is not believed to have ever used, produced, or stockpiled cluster munitions. It is not party the Convention on Conventional Weapons.

Palau joined the Oslo Process in February 2008, when it participated in the Wellington Conference on Cluster Munitions and endorsed the Wellington Declaration, indicating its intention to participate fully in the formal negotiations in Dublin. Palau supported the draft text and noted that, “As diplomats, it is our foremost duties to maintain peace and ensure our civilian populations safety and security.”[2]

During the Dublin negotiations Palau supported efforts to delete the provision to exclude certain munitions based on technical criteria.[3] When the convention was adopted, Palau expressed hope that the treaty would be universalized, acknowledged the particular contribution of Norway to the Oslo Process, and thanked the CMC for its inspirational partnership.[4] A senior foreign affairs official, Jon-Marvin Ngirutang, signed the convention in Oslo.[5]

[1] Email from Jon-Marvin Ngirutang Jr., Senior Foreign Service Officer, Ministry of State, 5 February 2009.

[2] Statement of Palau, Wellington Conference on Cluster Munitions, 22 February 2008. Notes by CMC.

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[5] Jon-Marvin Ngirutang Jr. had represented Palau at the Wellington and Dublin meetings of the Oslo Process and played a key role in securing Palau’s accession to the 1997 Mine Ban Treaty.