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ACKNOWLEDGMENTS, Landmine Monitor Report 1999


An unprecedented publication of this magnitude requires contribution from a broad network of individuals, campaigns and organizations, coordination by a dedicated team of actors and financial support from a number of donors.

This report contains country reports written by over eighty Landmine Monitor researchers from around the world selected by the Landmine Monitor Core Group. They are cited separately in the List of Contributors. Landmine Monitor is grateful to everyone who contributed research to this report, especially those individuals, campaigns and organizations who contributed reports at their own cost. We wish to thank the scores of individuals, organizations and campaigns, including governments, who provided valuable and timely information to our researchers.

We are grateful to the Coordination Team and Working Groups of the International Campaign to Ban Landmines for providing the sections on ICBL activities. We thank the invited governments, United Nations agencies, regional organizations, the International Committee of the Red Cross, non-governmental organizations and individuals for submitting reports on their activities which are included in the appendices to this report. The entities contributing to the appendices of this report do not necessarily endorse the rest of the Landmine Monitor Report 1999 and they are in no way responsible for other material contained in this report. Likewise, Landmine Monitor does not necessarily endorse, nor does it take responsibility for the accuracy of, material included in the appendices.

Responsibility for the coordination of Landmine Monitor’s reporting network lies with the five Core Group organizations. Human Rights Watch (Stephen Goose, Alex Vines and Mary Wareham) is the main contact point for Landmine Monitor, thematic coordinator on ban policy and regional research coordinator for the Middle East/North Africa and Central Asia. Handicap International (Anne Capelle, Pauline Crick and Luciano Loicano-Clouet) is the thematic coordinator on victim assistance and regional research coordinator for Asia-Pacific. The Kenya Coalition Against Landmines (Mereso Agina, Cornelius Nyamboki and Lare Okungu) is regional research coordinator for Africa. Mines Action Canada (Paul Hannon, Mary Foster and Celina Tuttle) is responsible for Landmine Monitor’s database and regional research coordinator for the Americas. Norwegian People’s Aid (Maria Gjorwad Hagen, Emil Jeremic, Per Nergaard and Christian Ruge) is thematic coordinator for mine action and regional research coordinator for Europe.

Landmine Monitor Report 1999 was edited by the Arms Division of Human Rights Watch. Mary Wareham served as the overall coordinator for the production of the report. The editing team consisted of Stephen Goose (chief editor), Mary Wareham, Alex Vines, Kathleen Bleakley and Jody Williams (ICBL Ambassador and member of the Advisory Committee of the Arms Division of Human Rights Watch). Editorial assistance and review was provided by Justin Brady, James Buckingham, Sousa Jamba, Andrew Manley, Ahmed Rajab, Frank Smyth, and Henry Thompson, as well as various members of the Human Rights Watch staff. Jasmine Juteau and Sharda Sekaran of the Arms Division provided production assistance. Human Rights Watch was also responsible for the formatting and printing of Landmine Monitor Report 1999.

We are grateful to the hosts of the three meetings necessary to establish Landmine Monitor’s reporting network and facilitate production of its First Report:

- Pax Christi Ireland and the Government of Ireland’s Department of Foreign Affairs for co-hosting the September 1998 meeting in Dublin, Ireland;

- Mines Action Canada and the Government of Canada’s Mines Action Team in the Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade for co-hosting the December 1997 meeting in Ottawa, Canada;

- Norwegian People’s Aid and the Government of Norway’s Royal Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs for co-hosting the March 1999 meeting in Oslo, Norway.

Finally, we wish to thank the donors to the Landmine Monitor initiative and its first report. This work was carried out with the aid of grants from:

Government of Austria

Government of Belgium

Government of Canada

Government of Ireland

Government of Norway

Government of the Netherlands

Government of United Kingdom

International Development Research Centre, Ottawa, Canada

Open Society Institute Landmines Project

Jody Williams, ICBL Ambassador

We also thank the donors who have contributed to the individual members of the Landmine Monitor Core Group and other participating organizations.