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GUINEA, Landmine Monitor Report 1999


Guinea signed the Mine Ban Treaty on 4 December 1997. In a statement to the Signing Ceremony, Guinea made an appeal to the international community to implement the relevant articles of the treaty relating to assistance in mine clearance and victim assistance.[3] Guinea ratified the treaty on 8 October 1998, the forty-seventh country to do so.

Guinea participated in African efforts to support the Ottawa Process including the OAU meeting on landmines in Kempton Park in May 1997. It endorsed the Brussels Declaration and attended key prepatory meetings of the Ottawa Process including the October 1996 International Strategy meeting in Ottawa. Guinea was a full participant to the Oslo treaty negotiations where it spoke out against U.S. proposals which, if accepted, would have seriously weakened the treaty. Guinea has supported all relevant UN General Assembly resolutions calling for a total ban on antipersonnel mines.

Guinea is not a known producer or exporter of landmines. It is not known if Guinea has imported AP mines or holds AP mines in stockpile. Mines have not been used in Guinea. There are some mines in border areas, owing to conflict in the neighboring countries of Sierra Leone and Liberia.[4] Guinean troops have been involved in the recent conflict in neighboring Guinea-Bissau, intervening—along with Senegal—to support the President of the country when the military rebelled after the President sacked the Army Chief of Staff. In the fighting, landmines were reportedly used by the government of Guinea-Bissau and Senegalese forces, and by the rebels. However, there have been no confirmed reports of mine use by Guinean troops during the conflict. (See Landmine Monitor report on Guinea-Bissau.) There are currently no mine action operations in Guinea and there is currently no existing data on mine victims in Guinea.


[3]Declaration of the delegation of the Republic of Guinea to the Signing Ceremony, Ottawa, 4 December 1997.

[4]Human Rights Watch Fact Sheet, “The Mine Ban Treaty and Africa,” May 1998.