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LIECHTENSTEIN, Landmine Monitor Report 1999


Liechtenstein signed the Mine Ban Treaty on 3 December 1997. It has not yet ratified the treaty. Liechtenstein first voiced its support for an immediate and total ban on antipersonnel mines on 22 April 1996 during the negotiations on the Landmine Protocol of the Convention on Conventional Weapons. In December 1996, it voted for the UN General Assembly resolution calling on states to pursue vigorously an international agreement banning antipersonnel mines. Liechtenstein endorsed the pro-Mine Ban Treaty Brussels Declaration in June 1997, and was a full participant in the Oslo negotiations in September 1997. Liechtenstein also voted in favor of United Nations General Assembly resolutions supporting the Mine Ban Treaty in late 1997 and 1998. Liechtenstein is a state party to the CCW, and ratified amended Protocol II on 19 November 1997.

Liechtenstein does not possess, produce, transfer, or use antipersonnel landmines. It is not mine-affected.[1] Liechtenstein has donated $47,656 to the United Nations Voluntary Trust Fund for Assistance in Mine Clearance.[2]


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