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SAUDI ARABIA, Landmine Monitor Report 1999


Saudi Arabia has not signed the Mine Ban Treaty. It did not endorse the pro-treaty Brussels Declaration in June 1997 and attended the Oslo negotiations only as an observer. However, Saudi Arabia voted “Yes” on both the 1996 UN General Assembly resolution urging states to pursue vigorously an international agreement banning antipersonnel mines, and the 1997 UNGA resolution supporting the December treaty signing. It is not a party to the 1980 Convention on Conventional Weapons (CCW) or its protocol on landmines.

Saudi Arabia is not believed to be mine-affected. It is not known to have ever produced or exported antipersonnel landmines. Saudi Arabia has imported AP mines. The U.S. has supplied 87,666 antipersonnel landmines, including more than 43,210 M14s in 1976 and 30,000 M16A2s in 1977.[1] The size and composition of its current stockpile is unknown. Saudi Arabia has contributed $50,000 to the UN Voluntary Trust Fund for Assistance in Mine Clearance.[2]


[1] U.S. Army, Armament, Munitions, and Chemical Command (USAMCCOM), Letter to Human Rights Watch, 25 August 1993, and attached statistical tables, provided under the Freedom of Information Act.

[2] See http://www.un.org/Depts/Landmine/vtf.htm.