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About the Cover Photo, Landmine Monitor Report 2000

About the Cover Photo

The cover photo of the Landmine Monitor Report 2000 is one of a series  of three photographs by photographer Atif Safadi from Golan Research and Information Center (GRIC) for Al Haq. January 2000. 

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town.jpg (91373 byte) children.jpg (69322 byte) cover.jpg (87077 byte)

Four year old Dunia Fakhr ad-Din plays in the snow in Majdal Shams, a village in the Golan Heights. Majdal Shams is surronded by a minefield and another minefield runs through its center close to houses and the local school.

Landmine Monitor Report 2000 - Toward a Mine-Free World
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Cover Design: Glenn Ruga / Visual Communications