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EQUATORIAL GUINEA, Landmine Monitor Report 2000
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Equatorial Guinea acceded to the Mine Ban Treaty on 16 September 1998. It has not yet submitted its Article 7 transparency report, due by 28 August 1999. A government official in Malabo justified the delay, telling Landmine Monitor that “landmines are not an issue for us.”[1] Equatorial Guinea did not attend the First Meeting of States Parties in Maputo in May 1999, nor any of the intersessional Standing Committees of Experts meetings in Geneva. It voted in favor of UN General Assembly Resolution 54/54 B supporting the Mine Ban Treaty in December 1999. Equatorial Guinea has not produced or exported landmines. It is not believed to possess a stockpile of antipersonnel mines. It is not a party to the CCW, nor a member of the CD. Diplomatic and U.N. sources in Malabo are unaware of any mine action activities or injuries resulting from landmines. [2]


[1] Telephone interview with government official, Malabo, 25 July 2000.
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