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MALDIVES, Landmine Monitor Report 2000
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Maldives signed the Mine Ban Treaty on 1 October 1998, and was the second country in the region to do so, following Bangladesh. It has not yet ratified. Maldives did not participate in the Ottawa process. It did not attend any of the major diplomatic meetings on landmines in 1999 or 2000. Maldives did not send a representative to the International Committee of the Red Cross’ South Asia Regional Seminar on Landmines, held in Sri Lanka 18-20 August 1999. It has voted in favor of all pro-ban UN General Assembly resolutions since 1996, including the December 1999 resolution supporting the Mine Ban Treaty. It is not a signatory of the Landmines Protocol of the Convention on Conventional Weapons.

Maldives does not use, produce, trade or stockpile antipersonnel mines. It is not mine-affected. The island country has no Army, but maintains a security unit, the National Security Service, manned by about 2,000 personnel for army, police, and maritime duties.[1]


[1] http://www.ipcs.org/projects/mil-dta/mil-mal.htm.