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NAURU, Landmine Monitor Report 2000
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Nauru has not yet signed the Mine Ban Treaty but there appears strong intention to do so. In a letter to Landmine Monitor, the Assistant Director of the Department of Foreign Affairs wrote that Nauru is currently in the process of acceding to the treaty with the intention of ratification in the “near future.”[1]

Nauru is now a member of the United Nations, having been formally accepted on 14 September 1999, but it was absent from the vote on UNGA Resolution 54/54B in support of the ban treaty in December 1999. Nauru did not attend the First Meeting of States Parties to the Mine Ban Treaty in Maputo nor did it attend any intersessional meetings of the treaty.

It is believed that Nauru has never produced, transferred, stockpiled, or used AP mines and it does not contribute to humanitarian mine action assistance programs.


[1] Fax from Chitra Jeremiah, Assistant Director, Department of Foreign Affairs, Republic of Nauru to Neil Mander, New Zealand Campaign Against Landmines, 11 May 2000.