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DOMINICA, Landmine Monitor Report 2001
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Dominica signed the Mine Ban Treaty on 3 December 1997, ratified on 26 March 1999 and the treaty entered into force on 1 September 1999. It is not believed to have enacted domestic implementing legislation and has not yet submitted its initial Article 7 transparency report, due 28 February 2000. On 27 June 2001, Dominica told Landmine Monitor, “Dominica has never stockpiled mines or been mine-affected.... In this regard Dominica has not submitted a Transparency Report for 2001.” [1] Later it stated its intent to file the report “soon.”[2] It has never produced, stockpiled, transferred, or used antipersonnel mines and is not mine-affected.

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[1] Response by Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Commonwealth of Dominica, to Landmine Monitor questionnaire, dated 27 June 2001.
[2] Telephone interview with Sonia Akpa, Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Dominica, 12 July 2001.