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SURINAME, Landmine Monitor Report 2001
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Suriname signed the Mine Ban Treaty on 4 December 1997, but has not yet ratified. In February 2000, the Foreign Minister indicated that ratification would likely take place in 2000.[1] The process is reportedly still in progress.[2] Suriname did not attend any meetings related to the Mine Ban Treaty in 2000 or 2001. In November 2000, it voted in favor of UN General Assembly Resolution 55/33V, calling for universalization of the Mine Ban Treaty. Suriname is not believed to have ever produced or exported antipersonnel mines. It is not known if it holds a stockpile of antipersonnel mines. During the internal conflict from 1986 to 1992, an estimated 1,000 mines were laid but later cleared, with the assistance of the Organization of American States. Suriname is now not mine-affected.

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[1] Letter from Erroll G. Snijders, Minister of Foreign Affairs of Suriname, to Dr. P. Hajac, ICBL Campaigner, Wroclaw, Poland, 28 February 2000.
[2] Email to Landmine Monitor (HRW) from Jean-Francois Lacasse, DFAIT Canada, 19 July 2001.