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Relatório do Landmine Monitor-Monitor de Minas 2002 - Title Page, Relatório do Landmine Monitor-Monitor de Minas 2002

Relatório do Monitor de Minas 2002

Rumo a um Mundo Livre de Minas

Sumário Executivo

Grupo Nuclear do Landmine Monitor
Human Rights Watch · Handicap International · Kenya Coalition Against Landmines · Mines Action Canada ·
Ajuda Popular da Noruega


Copyright © Agosto de 2002, Human Rights Watch
Todos os direitos reservados.
ISBN: 1-56432-277-7
Library of Congress Control Number: 2002110120

Foto de capa © Sean Sutton, Mines Advisory Group
Desenho da capa por Rafael Jiménez
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International Campaign to Ban Landmines
Web Site: www.icbl.org
Landmine Monitor On-line: www.icbl.org/lm
Base de dados Landmine Monitor: www.lm-online.org/
Email: lm@icbl.org

Human Rights Watch
350 Fifth Avenue, 34th Floor, New York, NY 10118-3299, USA
Tél: +1-212-290-4700, Fax: +1-212- 736-1300, Email: hrwny@hrw.org
1630 Connecticut Avenue NW, Suite 500, Washington, DC 20009, USA
Tél: +1-202-612-4321, Fax: +1-202-612-4333, Email: hrwdc@hrw.org
Adresse du site Internet : www.hrw.org

Handicap International
67 rue de Spastraat, B-1000 Bruxelles, BELGIQUE
Tél: +32-2-286-50-59, Fax: +32-2-230-60-30, Email: stan.brabant@handicap.be
Adresse du site Internet: www.handicap-international.be

Kenya Coalition Against Landmines
PO Box 57217, Nairobi, KENYA
Tél: +254-2-223-307/222-095, Fax: + 254-2-245-549
Email: kcal@africaonline.co.ke

Mines Action Canada
1 Nicolas Street, Suite 1210, Ottawa, ONT K1N 7B7, CANADA
Tél: +1-613-241-3777, Fax: +1-613-244-3410, Email: macinfo@web.ca
Adresse du site Internet : www.minesactioncanada.org

Norwegian People’s Aid
PO Box 8844, Youngstorget NO-0028, Oslo, NORWAY
Tél: +47-22-03-77-77, Fax: +47-22-20-08-70, Email: lm@npaid.org
Adresse du site Internet : www.npaid.org