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Bahrain, Landmine Monitor Report 2003
In Arabic (As PDF)


Bahrain has not acceded to the Mine Ban Treaty. While it did not attend any Mine Ban Treaty-related meetings during the reporting period, Bahrain did vote in favor of UN General Assembly Resolution 57/74 in November 2002, promoting universalization and implementation of the treaty. Bahrain is not believed to have produced or exported antipersonnel mines. It remains one of the only countries for which Landmine Monitor does not have a clear indication whether antipersonnel mines are stockpiled. Landmine Monitor has reported in the past that the United States stockpiled 3,124 antipersonnel mines in Bahrain, but the status of this stockpile is not known following the conflict in Iraq. Bahrain is not mine-affected. It is not believed to have contributed to any international mine action programs in 2002 or 2003.