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Holy See , Landmine Monitor Report 2003

Holy See

The Holy See signed the Mine Ban Treaty on 4 December 1997, ratified on 17 February 1998, and became a State Party on 1 March 1999. Implementation legislation is considered unnecessary as the Holy See states that it has never possessed or used antipersonnel mines.[1] The Holy See attended the Fourth Meeting of States Parties in September 2002, and also participated in intersessional Standing Committee meetings in February and May 2003. An Article 7 transparency report was submitted to the UN in 2003, indicating no changes.[2] This is the Holy See’s third Article 7 Report.[3]

The Holy See is a State Party to the Convention on Conventional Weapons and its Amended Protocol II, and submitted its annual report under Article 13 of the Protocol on 1 October 2002. It attended the Fourth Annual Conference of States Parties to the Protocol in December 2002.

[1] Article 7 Report, Form A, 5 April 2002.
[2] An Article 7 Report, dated 26 February 2003 and covering calendar year 2002, has been received by the UN, but not yet posted to the official website as of 20 July 2003.
[3] Article 7 Report, 5 April 2002 (for the period January 2000–December 2001); Article 7 Report, 28 August 1999 (for the period February 1998–August 1999).