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Tonga, Landmine Monitor Report 2003


The Kingdom of Tonga has not acceded to the Mine Ban Treaty, but steps are underway to do so. In June 2003, the Secretary for Foreign Affairs told Landmine Monitor, “Consultations are still being had with relevant line departments, and as of today, the Attorney General’s Office has it before them for legal screening as to compatibility with Tongan law. It is not envisaged that problems will emanate from this examination. Following such work and advice received from line departments, a submission will be made to Cabinet with recommendations for approval for accession. Where such approval is had, the final step is for consideration of Privy Council. Tonga’s Treaty making laws do not require a consideration of the issue by Parliament.”[1]

Tonga voted in support of UN General Assembly Resolution 57/74 in November 2002, calling for universalization of the Mine Ban Treaty. In August 2001, a government representative confirmed to Landmine Monitor that Tonga has never produced, transferred, or stockpiled antipersonnel mines.[2]

[1] Fax to Landmine Monitor (John V Head) from Suka Mangisi, for the Secretary of Foreign Affairs, 5 June 2003.
[2] Fax to Landmine Monitor (Neil Mander) from Falekava Kupu, for the Acting Chief Secretary and Secretary for Cabinet, Prime Minister’s Office, 14 August 2001.