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Saint Lucia, Landmine Monitor Report 2004

Saint Lucia

Key developments since 1999: Saint Lucia became a State Party on 1 October 1999.

Saint Lucia signed the Mine Ban Treaty on 3 December 1997, ratified on 13 April 1999, and the treaty entered into force for the country on 1 October 1999. It has not enacted domestic implementing legislation. Saint Lucia was one of the first Caribbean nations to call for a ban on antipersonnel mines and it participated in the Ottawa Process, but has not attended any subsequent Mine Ban Treaty-related meetings. Saint Lucia has not yet submitted its initial Article 7 transparency report, due by 29 March 2000, but in the past government officials have told Landmine Monitor they are aware of this treaty obligation.[1] Saint Lucia has voted in support of every annual pro-ban UN General Assembly resolutions since 1996. The country has never produced, transferred, stockpiled, or used antipersonnel mines, and is not mine-affected.[2]

[1] In July 2001, a ministry of Foreign Affairs official told Landmine Monitor that Saint Lucia intended to file its transparency report. Telephone interview with Peter Lansiquot, Head of the Political and Economic Division, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, 12 July 2001.
[2] Response to Landmine Monitor Questionnaire by the Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Foreign Affairs and international Trade, 1 February 1999.