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San Marino, Landmine Monitor Report 2004

San Marino

Key developments since 1999: San Marino became a State Party to the Mine Ban Treaty on 1 March 1999.

Mine Ban Policy

The Republic of San Marino signed the Mine Ban Treaty on 3 December 1997 and ratified it on 18 March 1998, becoming a State Party on 1 March 1999. San Marino participated in Ottawa Process and the Oslo negotiating conference in September 1997. It has voted for every annual pro-ban UN General Assembly resolution since 1996.

San Marino has not deemed necessary any administrative or legislative measures to implement the treaty. San Marino’s Article 7 transparency reports have consisted only of a statement that it “has not taken any measures to increase transparency of, not to prevent, [sic] the use, stockpiling, production or presence of landmines on its territory because it never used, stocked, produced or had landmines on its territory.”[1] This statement was first made on 29 October 2001, and repeated on 7 August 2002 and 12 February 2004.

San Marino did not attend the Fifth Meeting of States Parties in September 2003, and has only participated in one annual Meeting – the first in May 1999. San Marino has not attended any of the intersessional Standing Committee meetings.

San Marino is not a State Party to the Convention on Conventional Weapons.

[1] Article 7 Report, 29 October 2001. An initial Article 7 report was due on 28 August 1999.