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Landmine Monitor Global Release – 28 days to go
This year’s report will be globally released at a press conference held at the Palais des Nations in Geneva, Switzerland on Wednesday 13 September at 10:00 local time (09:00 GMT). The report will be available online at the same time. A release of the global mine action findings will be held on 13 September in Bangkok, Thailand. On or after 13 September many campaigns are organizing press conferences, roundtable discussions, meetings with government officials and other activit...
16/08/2006 - Read more »

Victim Assistance report launch in Medellín, Colombia Draws International Attention
On Tuesday 22 November 2005, la Campaña Colombiana contra Mines (CCCM), Handicap International (HI) and Mines Action Canada (MAC) released the victim assistance findings of Landmine Monitor Report 2005 in Medellín, capital of the heavily mine-affected Antioquia province in Colombia. Since 1990, 27 percent of Colombia's casualties were reported in Antioquia and the danger of mines is an integral part of many people's lives. It affects whole communities, their economic activiti...
24/11/2005 - Read more »

Summary of Landmine Monitor Report 2005 Release Events
Launch of Thematic Findings - Tuesday 22 November ALGERIA: Landmine Use, Production, Stockpiling, Trade and Policy [GMT 09:00] 10:00 at the International Press Center in Algiers. Speakers: Minister of Foreign Affairs Mr. Mohamed Bedjaoui; Nobel Laureate Jody Williams; Landmine Monitor's Ban Policy Research Coordinator, Stephen Goose of Human Rights Watch; and North Af...
22/11/2005 - Read more »

Landmine Monitor Report 2005 to be Launched on 22 November 2005
GET THE LATEST AND MOST COMPREHENSIVE INFORMATION ON LANDMINES THROUGHOUT THE WORLD: LANDMINE MONITOR REPORT 2005 TO BE LAUNCHED ON 22 NOVEMBER 2005. Landmine Monitor Report 2005 will be released globally on Tuesday, 22 November 2005. Non-governmental organizations have come together in a systematic and sustained way to monitor and report on efforts to eradicate antipersonnel mines and to implement the 1997 Mine Ban Treaty, thereby s...
21/11/2005 - Read more »

Landmine Monitor Report 2004 Released
See www.icbl.org/news/lm_2004 for the press release and www.icbl.org/lm/2004 for the report itself.
18/11/2004 - Read more »

Landmine Monitor Report 2004 Release Events
Read about the LM 2004 release on this page: www.icbl.org/news/lm_2004_release.
15/11/2004 - Read more »

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