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Last Updated: 24 August 2014

Mine Action

Contamination and Impact

Armed forces in the Republic of Uzbekistan have laid mines along its international borders at various times, including on its borders with Afghanistan in 1998, with Kyrgyzstan in 1999, and with Tajikistan in 2000. In 2010, UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon criticized as “unacceptable” Uzbekistan’s placing of landmines along parts of its border that have not been delineated.[1]

Soviet troops also laid mines on the Uzbek-Afghan border. Survey on the Tajik side of the border over several years had identified a total of 57 suspect hazardous areas (size unknown) as of December 2008, which were subsequently deemed to be on Uzbekistan territory (see Tajikistan report). Uzbekistan had reportedly cleared 95% of the minefields along the Tajik border by the end of 2007 in demining operations conducted by Uzbek army deminers in cooperation with Tajik border troops.[2]

In 2005, media reports cited Kyrgyz officials in Batken province as saying Kyrgyz border guards had checked previously mined areas of the border around the settlements of Ak-Turpak, Chonkara, and Otukchu, which had been cleared by Uzbek deminers, and confirmed that they were free of contamination.[3] According to the most recent information available (2005), Uzbekistan has no plans to clear mines laid on its 150km border with Afghanistan.

Mine Action Program

There is no functioning mine action program in Uzbekistan.


[2] Email from Jonmahmad Rajabov, Director, Tajikistan Mine Action Center, 16 February 2009; Tajikistan Article 7 Report, “General situation,” 3 February 2008, p. 3; and “Uzbekistan started demining on Tajik border,” Spy.kz, 23 October 2007.