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Last Updated: 12 August 2010

Cluster Munition Ban Policy

Brunei Darussalam has not acceded to the Convention on Cluster Munitions. Landmine and Cluster Munition Monitor is not aware of any public statements by Brunei on the cluster munition issue.

Brunei participated in some of the Oslo Process meetings that led to the development, negotiation, and signing of the convention. It attended the Vienna Conference on Cluster Munitions in December 2007, as well as the Wellington Conference on Cluster Munitions in February 2008, where it subscribed to the Wellington Declaration in support of the negotiation of an instrument prohibiting cluster munitions.

Brunei participated in the formal negotiations of the convention in Dublin, and was one of 107 states that adopted the convention text on 30 May 2008.  It also attended the South East Asia Regional Conference in October 2008 in Lao PDR, aimed at promoting signature to the convention in the region.  However, Brunei was absent from the signing conference in Oslo in December 2008.

Brunei attended the Special Event on the Convention on Cluster Munitions held at the UN in New York in October 2009, but did not attend other regional or international meetings on cluster munitions in 2009 or 2010 through July.

Brunei is party to the Mine Ban Treaty, but not the Convention on Conventional Weapons.

Brunei is not believed to have used, produced, transferred, or stockpiled cluster munitions.