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Country Reports
Translated Country Reports - Landmine Monitor Report 2000
LM Report 2000 Full Report   Executive Summary   Key Findings   Key Developments   Translated Country Reports

Translated Country Reports

Parts of the Landmine Monitor report 2000 have been or will be translated into the principal language(s) of the country concerned. We will present those here as they are finished. 

Please note that the footnotes do turn up strange in some of the webdocuments. If they are important to you, you should download the Microsoft Word versions of the documents. Where available the MS Word document is anyhow recommended if you plan to print the document.
(Web | Word) 

For the larger country reports we have also included a zip file with the word document compressed. See the ICBL unzip help if you need help on decompressing.


(Most of these are only available as word documents)
Yemen - yemen1.doc, yemen2.doc, yemen.zip (both documents)
(For those countries where the report is released independently. NB! External links.)
Burma, Cambodia, Colombia, Djibouti, Ecuador, Germany, Peru, Somaliland, Venezuela
Algérie | algerie.doc, Burkina Faso, Burundi, Cameroun, Canada | canada.doc, Côte d'Ivoire, Djibouti | djibouti.doc, Gabon, Gambie, Guinea-Bissau, France, Liban, Lybie, Mali, Maroc | morocco.doc, Mauritanie, Monaco, Niger, République centrafricaine | centralafrica.doc, Republique Democratique du Congo | rdc.doc, Rwanda, Sahara Occidental | westsahara.doc, Tchad, Togo, Tunisie | tunisia.doc
Angola | angola.doc (208 Kb) angola.zip (42 Kb), Brasil | brazil.doc, Cabo Verdecapeverde.doc, Timor Leste | easttimor.doc Guinea Bissau | gbisseau.doc, Moçambique | mozambique.doc (143 Kb) mozambique.zip (35 Kb), Portugalportugal.doc, São Tomé e Principe | saotome.doc