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ONLINE VERSION, Landmine Monitor Report 2001
Table of Contents
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Online Version

While the online version has all the information available in the printed report it is slightly adapted to take advantage of the possibilities with online publishing. Especially the difference between the Executive Summary and the Full Report is less online. Notable differences are:

  • The regional overviews from the Executive Summary are available through the Full Report. The regional maps provided with these are not available in the printed report.
  • Links have been provided between related country/area reports as well as other related information in the Full Report, Executive Summary, Major Findings and Key Developments
  • Links to further information, on the ICBL/LM website as well as external websites, has been provided.
  • Minor typos, spelling errors and other corrections have been done online that could not be done to printed material as it had already been sent to print.
  • Please note that while the Introduction of the full report and the Executive Summary are quite similar some differences exist.

Some technical issues

  • While the contents of the report will be fixed after 12 September we will keep adding translations and some other material. If you are particularly interested to see if one page will be updated use the "Monitor Page" link found in Page Actions at the bottom of all pages.
  • When printing the webpages the menus on top will disappear (only if you have Internet Explorer 4.0, Netscape 6 or later).
  • PDF/Acrobat Reader versions of all contents are provided on the Print page. These are better suited for printing than the webpages. The Adobe Acrobat Reader (Free) is required to view these documents, you can download this program from http://www.adobe.com/products/acrobat/alternate.html. To save download time many of the PDF files are only available as compressed (ZIP) files - to open these you need a decompression program like WinZip. Read more about compressed files.
  • While the webpages will look best in Internet Explorer 4 or later it has been tested to display ok and work on other browsers. Please inform webmaster@icbl.org or any problems.
  • If you want to inform a friend or colleague about one of the pages of the report you can use the "Recommend page" link at the bottom of each page.
  • A link to "Translate page" is found at the bottom of each page. This is partial machine translation provided by Altavista/Systran. While being helpful for non-English speakers to get an idea about the contents it is in no way to be regarded as official translations of the report.

The online version of Landmine Monitor Report 2001 was made possible by use of RTF Converter software provided by Logictran - http://www.logictran.com