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Maps - Landmine Monitor Report 2001

Maps and Tables

You will here find online version of the maps provided with the Landmine Monitor. Most of them are available in Acrobat Reader, PDF format which is a larger download but suitable for printing. To decrease download size the PDF files have been compressed using WinZip. Any reproduction of these maps for other than individual purposes require prior written permission from Landmine Monitor - contact lm@icbl.org for further details.

Mine Ban Treaty

This map shows states parties, signatories and non-signatories as of 1 August 2001. New states parties in the reporting period are emphasized. PDF (0,6 Mb) 
Table presenting the same - PDF (0,2 Mb)
Regional Maps:
Africa - Americas - Asia-Pacific - Europe/Central Asia - Middle East/North Africa


Global use of Antipersonnel Mines May 2000 – August 2001. PDF (0,2 Mb)


Global Production of Antipersonnel Mines. PDF (0,2 Mb)


Global Stockpiles of Antipersonnel Mines. PDF (1,1 Mb)

Landmine Problem

Landmine Problem in the World. PDF (0,4 Mb)

Mine Action Funding

Table of global Mine Action Funding 1993-2001 and 2000