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Translations, Landmine Monitor Report 2008

Translations of the Executive Summary, Major Findings, Key Developments and Country Reports

Translations are added as they become available. If you have translated a portion of the report and it is not available online, please email the translation to lm@icbl.org.

The main document translations are listed in the table below, country report translations are listed by language at the bottom.

PDF and Word versions of the translated Key Developments, Major Findings and Executive Summary are available on the print page. If your computer is not able to read non-latin pages your should still be able to view the PDF documents correctly.

English Arabic French Russian Spanish Portuguese
Report Cover (6.2 Mb) (6.2 Mb) (6.2 Mb) (6.2 Mb) (6.2 Mb) (6.2 Mb)
Executive Summary (10.4 Mb) (1.2 Mb) (0.6 Mb) (1.3 Mb) (0.7 Mb) Not available
: Microsoft Word Document
: PDF/Adobe Acrobat Reader Document
Some of the languages using non-latin alphabets will only be available as PDF, meaning they should display and print on any system having Acrobat Reader installed.
Until they are available in HTML/web format the other languages will be listed with a link to MS Word or PDF documents. To view the PDF files you can download
the Adobe Acrobat Reader for free from http://www.adobe.com/products/acrobat/readstep2_allversions.html

Country Reports

Arabic | French | Russian | Greek | Spanish | Other languages

Arabic country reports

French country reports

Russian country reports

Greek country reports

Spanish country reports

Country reports in other languages