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Landmines and Flooding in Bosnia
Read Landmine Monitor researcher Dr. Matthew Bolton's blog post "Bosnian Flood: Landmine Danger Reveals Need for Reinvigorated Demining Effort." Available at Landmine and Cluster Munition Blog, click here.
22/05/2014 - Read more »

Call for Photos
(Geneva, 7 April 2014): Landmine and Cluster Munition Monitor issued its annual request for photos to be considered for publication in this year’s reports and displayed on its new website. Please look through your digital photo albums, solicit photos from colleagues and partner organizations, and send your best photos by Friday 30 May 2014 to monitor_intern@icblcmc.org. Additional details available online here.
07/04/2014 - Read more »

Update on Cluster Munition Use in Syria
(4 April 2014) Human Rights Watch releases Technical Briefing Note on the use of cluster munitions in Syria. For more details, see http://www.hrw.org/news/2014/04/04/technical-briefing-note-use-cluster-munitions-syria
04/04/2014 - Read more »

ICBL - Reports of Russian landmine use in Crimea requires immediate response
(Geneva, 10 March 2014): The International Campaign to Ban Landmines (ICBL) is deeply concerned by reports of Russian use of landmines in Crimea, Ukraine. It calls on Russia to confirm or deny the landmine use allegations and, if confirmed, halt any use of antipersonnel mines immediately, explain the steps that it has taken to inform and protect the local civilian population and remove any antipersonnel mines that may have been laid. See more.
11/03/2014 - Read more »

Cluster Munition Use in Syria
On 19 February, Human Rights Watch released the report, "Syria: New Deadly Cluster Munition Attacks" detailing the use of powerful rockets by Syrian forces not seen before in past cluster munition use against civilians. See also the Cluster Munition Coalition's Syria page.The 2013 Monitor country profile highlights use from July 2012 to June 2012. In 2012, Syrian casualties accounted for 165 of 190 total global cluster munitions. Figures for 2013 will be available later this year.
25/02/2014 - Read more »

Landmine Monitor Launch Press Release 2013
PRESS RELEASE 10:00 (GMT+1) 28 November 2013 - Dramatic drop in landmine casualties, lives saved as clearance and funding reach new peaks; yet antipersonnel mine use by Yemen and a small number of states and armed groups must be urgently addressed Francais, Espanol, Arabic (Geneva, 28 November 2013): Records were set in 2012 for the lowest number of new reported casualties, largest amount of landmine-contaminated land cleared, and highest level of global funding for mine action, according...
28/11/2013 - Read more »

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