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Releasing Landmine Monitor Report 2009
How will Landmine Monitor be released?Landmine Monitor Report 2009 will be released:On Thursday 12 November at 11:30 local time (10:30 GMT) during a press conference at the UN in Geneva, Switzerland;On Thursday 12 November at 14:30 local time (13:30 GMT) during an online press briefing from Geneva for journalists who could not participate in the press conference; At activities organized on or after 12 November that campaigners have organized around the world; andDuring a briefing for Second...
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Zarema “Rayana” Sadulayeva Abdulievna, ICBL Colleague and Researcher, Killed in Chechnya
Zarema “Rayana” Sadulayeva Abdulievna, the International Campaign to Ban Landmines’ (ICBL) colleague and researcher in Chechnya was killed in Grozny on Tuesday 11 August.Rayana and her husband, Alik Dzhabrailov, were abducted from the “Let’s Save the Generation” office on Monday 10 August and their bodies were found on Tuesday 11 August. Rayana founded the NGO Let’s Save the Generation in 2001. The organization works to promote the rights of children and persons with disabilities through the...
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EMBARGOED UNTIL 10:30 GMT, 29 May 2009 STOCKPILE DESTRUCTION SIGNALS END FOR CLUSTER MUNITIONS New report looks at government engagement on ban treaty GENEVA, Switzerland – 29 May 2009 – Several states that have signed the new international treaty prohibiting cluster munitions have already started to destroy their stockpiles of the weapon, even before the treaty formally takes effect, according to Banning Cluster Munitions: Government Policy and Practice, a 288-page report released today....
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Arabic Press Release
14/11/2007 - Read more »

PRESS RELEASE: 1997 Mine Ban Treaty Suffers First Serious Violations
GENEVA, Switzerland – 21 November 2008 – Three countries have failed to meet deadlines to destroy landmine stockpiles putting them in violation of the Mine Ban Treaty and 15 others have requested more time in order meet their mine clearance obligations under the Mine Ban Treaty, according to Landmine Monitor Report 2008: Toward a Mine-Free World. This 1,155 page report is being released today at the United Nations. Greece and Turkey, with a combined stockpile of 4.2 m...
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Landmine Monitor Report 2007: List of Release Events
Summary On Monday 12 November, the major, global findings of Landmine Monitor Report 2007 will be released during a press conference at the United Nations in Geneva. Also on 12 November, the global mine action findings will be presented at a press conference in Belgrade, Serbia. A briefing on report findings in the Middle East and North Africa will be held on 14 November in Amman, Jordan, and report findings will be presented to delegates at the Eighth Meeting...
25/10/2007 - Read more »

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